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Why Choose Us

10Gbps Speed​ RDP

We provide the best RDP with up to 10Gbps internet speed & unlimited bandwidth at cheap prices.

100% Pure SSD

We provide RDP Services with high-quality 100% pure SSD storage at affordable prices.

Full Admin Access

We provide RDP with full admin access and Dedicated IP at affordable prices.

12+ Locations

We have 12+ locations RDP, Fast and secure access to your computer from anywhere.

Why Should You Buy RDP From Us?

There are so many advantages to buy RDP from us. You can buy RDP with Bitcoin if you don’t have a credit card, and we offer the best prices in the industry. RDP is a popular type of Remote Desktop Protocol that allows you to access your computer from anywhere. What many people don’t know is that you can also buy RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) account in order to access your work computer remotely from anywhere in the world. RDPs are often used by IT professionals who need remote access to their company computers when they’re away from the office. However, there are plenty of other reasons why someone might want an RDP: maybe they want to work while traveling; maybe they just moved across the country and don’t have the internet at

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Starting at


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Cheap RDP

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Windows RDP

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RDP (also known as Remote Desktop or Remote Desktop Connection) lets you use the internet to connect your personally-owned computer to your Windows-based office computer at Wayne State. Then it is just like you were on campus using your office computer, with access to all of the programs and shared files that you use on a daily basis.

In VPS or Virtual Private Servers resources are not shared but reserved for each user. VPS comes with full administrator access. You can install software configure the server as per your wish. Windows VPS can be accessed via Remote Desktop Client app.

That totally depends on your needs. If you want to host websites or want complete control of the Server, you should probably go for VPS. If you want shared server with high configuration and without administrator access you should go for RDP Account. (Custom Softwares will also installed*)

In order to connect to RDP you need Server credentials (IP/Host, Username, & Password) which you will receive in the product activation email. To connect follow the below Steps.

Windows: Go to START -> search for “Remote Desktop Connection” -> Open it -> Provide IP/Hostname, User and Password.

Yes, we provide RDP with Residential IP. Order Here

Yes, Windows VPS comes with full administrator access. You can install the software you want.

Yes, you can reboot your windows VPS whenever you want.

No. We do not have a plan to provide desktop Windows in our Windows VPS servers currently.

Yes, but you need to upload your installation .iso file to our server by FTP, and then we will reload it to your VPS server.

Yes. You can access your Windows VPS via Remote Desktop with administrator permission.

Yes. You can install any legal software on your Windows VPS server by yourself or by us. You have total control of your Windows VPS server.

We have been in the hosting business since 2007. This experience helps us design an economical and top-quality network as well as hardware and software infrastructure for our products. We do not provide phone support right now. It allows us to pass the savings to our clients.

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